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Are you tired of being the only single friend in your "crew?" Are you ready to become a bride or
groom instead of some lame bridesmaid or groomsman?
Feeling uninspired by the prospects?


YES |||| NO

You're doing everything you think you should be doing with your love life, but you are hitting a proverbial "brick wall." Online dating? CHECK! Blind date hookups from friends? CHECK! DIY (do it yourself)? CHECK!

What am I doing wrong?

Answer: Everything and nothing.

Dating today, as opposed to 10-15 years or even 5 years ago, is about maximizing your opportunities. You can try, try, try, but if the timing isn't right or if a connection isn't made, you will find yourself alone on a Thursday night watching Scandal with your blanket.

So how exactly do you maximize your opportunities if you're not meeting people? How do you start meeting NEW people you've never met?

#1: Give yourself a break for not succeeding in the manner you had hoped. It's tough out there! Dating has changed, and the market has become more competitive. But there is great news! There are even MORE ways to meet people than ever before!

#2: You have to commit to becoming committed. If you're constantly finding excuses to NOT meet people, then you have a commitment problem. You're not going to meet anyone if you stay in the office or sit on the couch all day. You have to COMMIT to finding love and stick with it.

#3: Hire me!  As your guru, I will help you find the wrongs with your love life and help make them right. What does that mean exactly? It means if you're having trouble with meeting the QUALITY of person you have been longing for, with my guidance, you will start meeting them.


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Tired of bad dates?

Get your copy of my free "Find Your Match" Action Plan today!

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