“So you were right, she is quite an amazing person. Extremely fun and personable. Tall though…She did have the perfect personality to compliment mine. You’re really good at your job! –David, Matchmaking Client


couple-kiss“I thought the course was awesome! It was very insightful, provided a lot of great feedback and allows you to see things in a different light. If you open your mind to learning, you can discover things that will assist you in finding exactly what you are looking for.

As a result of the course, I was able to see what things I had currently been doing as well as learn tools I could utilize that would bring me closer to my goal of finding a man who is successful, motivated, kind, considerate and ‘husband material.'” —Latisha, Coaching Client (How to Meet Men)

I think the course was great. It was simple, effective, non intimidating and it’s going to help me set out exactly what I hoped to gain from the program…I was surprised to learn how simple it is to meet men. It all boils down to being a little more outgoing but not in excess. –Jamila, Coaching Client (How to Meet Men)

“I think the course has been helpful in terms of getting me to rethink the importance of my ‘criteria’ and to understand how imperative it is for me to go out and engage with other singles.” —Nicole, Coaching Client (How to Meet Men)

“I really like the exercises-they made me reevaluate the characteristics that I want in a partner and how I can increase my chances of looking more approachable.” Sylvia, Coaching Client (How to Meet Men)

“The is probably the best date I have ever been on, and it wasn’t even supposed to be a real date!” K. Jones, Matchmaking Client (referring to mock date experience)

“I want to thank you for providing me with the opportunity to meet such a wonderful person. I had success in meeting a person who shares the same qualities as me. He is fun, outgoing and sincere.” Y. Atkins, Matchmaking Client

“The atmosphere was very nice. [My date] looked good in the gray dress she wore. We spent a lot of time laughing and talking about jobs, skiing, dancing and her not liking the Lakers (Booo). LOL. I really enjoyed spending time with her.” —Clarence, Matchmaking Client

“[My date] and I had a really lovely date. He was a perfect gentleman–very considerate, funny, smart attentive and charming. He is like the mayor of [city], everywhere we went, someone knew him! Great way person to spend a Sunday afternoon with!” I. Rose, Matchmaking Client

“[My date] is an extreme gentleman. He’s very intellectual and common sense is a tremendous bonus which he obtains as well. We share a lot in common: music, film, the arts and family morals. I enjoyed our conversation and his company.” K. Thomas, Matchmaking Client

“The date with [My date] was enjoyable. Conversation flowed pretty smoothly, he seems to be a very motivated, ambitious, and spontaneous person with a sense of adventure. He was also open to conversing further.  I think things went well.” C. Robins, Matchmaking Client

“[My date] and I had another great date. Our conversation was flowing and I enjoyed myself tremendously. The food and venue were awesome.” K. Thomas, Matchmaking Client

“After helping hundreds of singles on their quest for love, Jasmine Diaz has rare insight on discovering lasting love. [She] is not only passionate and charismatic, but committed to working her magic to see more professionals find the right person to share in their success.” Charreah K. Jackson, ESSENCE magazine Relationships Editor

“Jasmine really breaks down relationships to a science, and her expertise has made me a stronger man because of her vast knowledge and experience with love.” Freddy Cameron, GEA President/Founder


*Some names have been redacted for confidentiality

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