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Truth Moment...

You only have 6 weeks to get it together my friend, so let's stop making excuses and just get to the point. You're lonely, you want someone to love and to love you back. While happy for your friends/family who are getting married or having babies, you want these things too. It's OK to admit it. You don't have to be in denial.

My How to Meet (Wo)Men program will help you stop the cycle that's plaguing your love life. I will serve as your guide, using tools I regularly use to meet, recruit and screen matches for my high-profile and celebrity clients.

Here's how it will go down:

  • Week 1: We'll break down and uncover your definition of a “good” and “quality” (wo)man, and how it has defined previous relationships.
  • Week 2: I'll show you how to use your power of attraction to attract other attractive people. You, my friend, are just as BOMB as Beyoncé. You just don't know how to show it yet
  • Week 3: We'll conquer misconceptions that are keeping you single, and you'll be given tools to break the cycle of selecting partners that aren’t right for you. No sense is repeating old habits and bad patterns for picking partners
  • Week 4:We'll uncover exactly where your good (wo)man is hiding, and how to snag them. Again, you're just as amazing as Beyoncé (think it, say it, repeat it, believe it)
  • Week 5: YOU will put your thoughts into action by getting out of your comfort zone by meeting (wo)men IRL. This will be terrifying, but you will slay it!
  • Week 6: We'll recap all that you've learned and create a new dating strategy that makes sense for your life. No more winging it! Does Beyoncé just throw together a bomb concert? SHE. DOES. NOT. She always has a master plan.


I'm tired of being
a band-aid giver

Dear Matchmaking Client,

For the last few years, I have been seeking ways to fill a space in my heart. As a matchmaker and coach, I've never quite felt like I was doing enough. Working with a new client for 6 months to a year is great, but the truth is, the heart needs more than just able bodies for dates to feel whole.

This feeling of not being able to truly help has left me questioning all that I have been doing. My intention is to help you find love, but if you don't understand real love concepts and the dynamics of real relationships, it will be difficult to find true companionship in your own life.

You will continue the cycle of ill-fitted partners, bad relationships and disappointing heartbreaks. And then, when you decide to hire a matchmaker (or coach), you won't seek to treat the cause. You'll prefer a band-aid with more matches or dates like most singles do, and thus the cycle will continue.

I have decided that I will no longer continue with the dysfunction. I want to be a true problem-solver, not a band-aid giver. Treating the cause of your relationship difficulties will require more than additional matches or exposure to a new group of people. So what does this mean?

In order to work with me as your matchmaker, you must be willing to undergo a 6 week coaching process (see above for details). I'm not chasing charts and lists that don't accurately reflect who you are and what you need. My goal is to find a true solution to your dating problems beyond slapping a band-aid on your arm and sending you on your next date.

Dating is not as much of a numbers game as it is a heart game. You must explore the limitations you're facing and its cause, because I promise you, your singlehood is due to greater factors than just a lack of "quality" men or women.

That said, my rate for matchmaking begins at $10K. If you generally hate band-aids and are down to treat the cause, let's connect.



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