How to Meet Men Live

Session Starts: June 22, 2018

The 6 week live HTMM program will be exclusive to 10 single women only, and will include experiences you will not get elsewhere. In 6 weeks, I will not only show you how to meet men, but I will teach you how to attract them, take you to where they might be hiding, and become your wing-woman for one evening.

Here's what to expect:

• Six - One hour coaching sessions (value $1,500)
• Private style session with Celeb Costume Designer, Tiffany Dean (HBO "Insecure") (value $650)
• Group outing to one of LA's top singles hot spots (value $350)
• Two private group dinners (value $400)
• A Bae Planner for date management (value $50)
• Priority consideration for matching clients (value $300)
• Accountability partners to keep you on task (priceless)

Total value of this program is $3,250!

Fee: $999 if you register before Wednesday, June 13, 2018. Thereafter, it is $1,299.*

*Payments plans will include a plan fee

See below for a complete weekly breakdown

Client Story

"Simply exceptional and phenomenal! Jasmine Diaz is a true professional and a pure joy to work with. After our first session, I felt I had made one of the best decisions for my love life; enrolling in the program..."

-- Olivia I.

Weekly Breakdown


Good Vs. Quality
We'll commence with a welcome dinner at one of LA's top restaurants. You'll spend some quality time with me, in-person and you will get to know your new squad, your dream-team. We'll break down and uncover your definition of a “good” and “quality” (wo)man, and how it has defined previous relationships.


Power of Attraction
Celebrity Stylist and HBO "Insecure" Costume Designer, Tiffany Dean will join us for an intimate discussion on how to use your power of attraction to attract other attractive people. You, my friend, are just as BOMB as Beyoncé. You just don't know how to show it yet. And with Tiffany's help, we will help you revamp your date style for Mr. Right.


Conquering Bad Habits
We'll conquer misconceptions that are keeping you single, and you'll be given tools to break the cycle of selecting partners that aren’t right for you. No sense is repeating old habits and bad patterns for picking partners.


Meet Men Outing
We'll take a tour of one of LA's top singles venues to uncover exactly where your good (wo)man is hiding. I will be your wing-woman as I show you how to snag someone of interest. Again, you're just as amazing as Beyoncé (think it, say it, repeat it, believe it).


YOU Intervention
YOU will put your thoughts into action by getting out of your comfort zone by meeting men IRL. You will be tasked with venturing to a venue without your squad, using the tools learned in week 4. This will be terrifying, but you will slay it!


Date Strategy
We'll recap all that you've learned over dinner and discuss your new dating strategy. No more winging it! Does Beyoncé just throw together a bomb concert? SHE. DOES. NOT. She always has a master plan.

How does that sound? You feel like a superhero just thinking about it, don't you? You will be a bad ass in 2018, and
your friends will be wondering what the hell happened to you. So, are you ready?

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