Let's face it...

If you're like most singles, you're probably wondering what you've done wrong to remain in this constant holding pattern called your single life.

You've tried online dating, dating apps and friendly hookups, but nothing really hits the mark. The prospects are disappointing, and you're not getting any younger. It's starting to look like you'll be alone forever.

Does this sound like you? Don't believe the hype!

There are three myths you're probably telling yourself right now that are blocking your success at love; myths that you've been carrying like dead weight that are prohibiting you from forming strong, meaningful relationships.

Myth #1
Money and power = respect, love and appreciation

If you've been picking partners based on stuff (a/k/a *ish that doesn't matter), you have priced yourself out of the dating market by most standards. What you have means absolutely nothing. Who you are; however, matters more to your future partner than you may realize.

By selecting partners by income, education, occupation or status, you're basically saying, "I only like you because you have these things." And guess what boo, no one wants to be used! You will end up alone at home wondering why those degrees haven't snagged you someone yet.

Myth #2
Only vein people want someone attractive

Attraction is vital to any success you hope to have in your love life, but attraction doesn't just consider your outward appearance. It is your entire package. Think of attraction as gaining entry into the hottest spot in town. You may have gotten into the club, but you still have to work your magic (personality, charisma, etc) to make meaningful connections.

Attraction: This includes your outward appearance, the clothes you wear, the way you walk, your attitude, smile and overall aura. Ignoring the person you are, your attitude or outlook on love might be harming your chances is a set up for failure. The vibe you give speaks for you when you can't speak for yourself.

Myth #3
I know what I want

You may think that you've dug deep and spent some time to "find yourself" (and your wants), but the the truth is, very rarely do we go deep enough to uncover the real story behind our choices.

There are reasons for your single-hood that go beyond your efforts, definitely! But dating is a two-lane highway.

You can choose who you spend time with, but do you know why you pick the (wo)men you do? Have you considered how your lifestyle might be in conflict with your "type?" If not, you're destined to repeat history, and repeating history has likely lead you through the revolving door of disappointment.

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Client Story

"I made a small change to my [online dating] profile by updating the Favorite Hot Spots section using the tips from week 3. Initially, I just listed the places I've been to, but I've received 10 messages since last night! Can't wait to see the results after updating the About Me section.

-- Chantelle D.


Group Membership

The Love+Learn Group Membership covers the most important aspects of my matchmaking and coaching programs. It's the basic elements I share with each and every client I work with, but instead of working with me one-on-one, you'll join a community of singles who are eager to find their person just like you!

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Try Love+Learn Membership For $5
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