How Fed-Up Do You Have to Be to

Change Your Love Life?

Before you can understand what you’re doing wrong with your love life, you have to know who you are in order to find your match. Identifying what your assets are and how to maximize them is key.

Understanding your lifestyle and how it is working for or against you is the difference between getting ahead and failing (i.e. finding everyone BUT your match).

Everyone has a "type," but is that "type" helping your long-term success?

Client Story

"Upon our first one on one conversation, Jasmine was personable and made me feel completely comfortable!

Although highly professional, Jasmine has a way of speaking with you as if you've known each other for years. She really gets down to the core of what qualities you are looking for in a mate. I look forward to the hour (once a week) sessions; these sessions are structured to ensure that finding a true match is accomplished.

I would highly recommend Ms. Jasmine Diaz' services!"

-- Aisha

Aisha represents singles just like you who are eager to find their MATCH, but she – like you – is too busy following old methods of finding love. She's winging it!

You have no idea what you want because if you did, you would realize that the bad boy doesn’t want to settle down, and the high-powered
type might compete with you (rather than becoming that “power couple” you’re dreaming of).

Finding your MATCH is more than just a set of ideals and attributes. Your MATCH requires knowing who you are and where you’re going in order to know who you want and need in a partner.

Becoming a superhero dater and finding your MATCH is a process, and I am ready to take you to the next level in your love life if you are committed. Every new matchmaking client must undergo this program in order to find their true match.

Commitment doesn't mean just making yourself available, it means doing the hard work and seeing it through when it feels like you want to give in.

In this program, I will show you:

What kind of superhero dater you are

How to turn your lifestyle into a tool to finding and meeting your MATCH

How your dating persona is helping or harming your relationships

What you can do RIGHT NOW to change your dating outcome
What you will receive from this intensive:

Weekly 1:1 Sessions

Mock Date to further hone your dating skills

Real match based on your new-found criteria

E-mail or telephone support anytime you need it
I am dedicating myself to finding your MATCH. With that being said, space is limited to new clients. So, let's get started.


Tired of bad dates?

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