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I don't profess to being the most attractive dating expert you'll ever meet, but one thing I do know is LOVE. I am committed to helping you become the best at meeting amazing people, and if I need to call you every week to make sure you're putting yourself out there, I will do it!

I wanted to follow up with you regarding our last chat and assignment. My assignment went really well. For about two weeks, almost every day, I met new people... ~ Jamila


DateCoach is a cost effective way to meeting someone amazing, yet still provides that special matchmaker touch you need to get you out of your dating rut. Perhaps your professional life makes meeting “the one” difficult, or maybe you’re not exactly sure how to go about connecting with someone. I know exactly what you need which is why I offer date coaching just for people like you!

I will work with you weekly or monthly at your convenience, and work towards getting you closer to the kind of relationship you always wanted!

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