4 Reasons Why Superhero School Is Perfect For You

I am beyond excited to share with you that Superhero School will be launching its first full summer program on June 19, 2017! I want you to have the life you've always dreamed of having, which is why this program means so much to me.

Here's four reasons why I think Superhero School is perfect for you:

Reason #1 It's practical advice (and resources) you can put into practice immediately

Whether you're an online dater, app dater or all-of-the above dater, I will show you how you can have the dating life you always wanted.

Each week includes a separate focus. In week 1, we talk about the foundations of dating. Getting the most out of your dating experiences requires a strong foundation to find the right partner.

Week 2 is all about social cues & anxiety tools. I will discuss tools to overcome social anxiety with best practices provided by Esther Boykin, LMFT. You will also learn how to use social cues to pick up on and convey interest in any social setting.

Week 3 gets real interesting with online dating best practices. In this course, I will teach you how to create a successful dating profile including actionable copy, photo best practices and online dating safety.

Lastly, my favorite. Ever wonder how people find love on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter? In this course, I will show you how to utilize your social network as a tool to finding a partner.

Reason #2 You can work the program at your own pace!

Many of my clients are busy, hard-working professional singles with limited time to balance their love life. Here, you can access the course from home, work or while sipping a Mai Thai on the beach!

Reason #3 You get to work with me for four whole weeks!

That's right! Each week I'll be available to you via live chat to answer your most pressing dating and/or relationship questions. You'll also get access to a super amazing community of Superheroes just like you! I also provide a one-hour private wrap-up session at the end of the program to discuss your new dating game plan.

Reason #4 It's low cost!

That's it. Ha! If one-on-one matchmaking is out of reach, you'll love this program. It's $180/month for 6 months OR $899 if paid in full.

Want to know how to gain access to Superhero School for free? The Summer 2017 Scholarship Contest is now accepting applicants. Get more info here.

So what do you think? Are you in!?


Jasmine Diaz

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